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About Researchably

Keeping up with the latest biomedical research is critical. Researchably enables you to do it smarter & faster, so you can worry less about searching and focus on helping your colleagues and KOLs stay informed.

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Why Researchably?


Researchably’s Natural Language Processing technology empowers medical teams to answer the most complex of ad-hoc queries in seconds instead of hours.

Monitor & reading

Our AI technology monitors & reads new publications so that you don’t have to - learning from your interests to notify you when a critical article is published.

Automatical distribution

Teach our AI to automatically distribute targeted articles to key stakeholders, whether your colleagues or KOLs, so that you don’t have to worry about it.

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Researchably’s  AI  parses  medical  research  for  pharmaceutical  companies

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Product features

Super Human Performance

Researchably’s AI categorizes & screens articles with higher accuracy than human teams.

Full Text Search

Researchably’s reads the full-text of research articles, leveraging every detail including figures, tables & images.

Enterprise Security & Support

24/7 support, 99.99% uptime, and adhesion to the security standard of your organization’s preference.

Save time

Researchably saves up to 900 hours of literature review time per person, annually!

Reduce risk

Researchably’s AI reviews more articles, while making less mistakes than humans!

Boost engagement

Free up your team’s time to engage more effectively with internal clients and HCPs.

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